Embodied learning

Using the whole body to get results

One of the more recent efforts of our educational section, the Creative Learning Lab, was a number of embodied learning projects.

Embodied learning is a form of learning where the whole body is used to get results. In an embodied learning environment, the interaction between the body and the space has a central place. The body and physical movement are thus an important interface for learning in a hybrid space (both virtual as physical).

The idea behind this concept is that physical interaction can stimulate existential learning. Wearables, tangible intelligent objects, sensor technology, motion-tracking and interactive video all come together in this way of learning, stemming from physical action.

To create a stand-alone installation, we involved the artistic research of Marloeke van der Vlugt to develop several objects. In many of our projects artists play an important role. Other embodied learning projects included a Mood Room, that aims to enhance the well-being of young people. It’s an intuitive installation, operated via a Kinect sensor without any remote controls or oral assignments, based on the principles of embodied cognition.

Embodied learning installation
Mood Room
Super Hero Island