20 years in 20 stories

Celebrate 20 years of innovation with us!

Let us walk you through our history in 20 stories that show the consistent themes in our work throughout the years. There is no chronological order, you can go through them any way you like.

Waag Society, or ‘The Waag, Society for Old and New Media’ as it started out in 1994, has always focussed on the social aspect of technology, with themes like (open) access for all, privacy, empowerment and user-centred design.

Our Design philosophy is called ‘Users as Designers’, as we think that real users should be the ones to define design requirements. In our projects, we therefore always actively seek the social context.

These 20 highlights are far from exhaustive in naming all the projects we have been involved in during the past 20 years. You could say that it’s a careful selection.

We invite you to explore our website to find more examples of our work. Or even better: join one of our hands-on events (more than 150 every year!), workshops or visit our Fablab/Open Wetlab.

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