Developing software

Multimedia/multi-user features

Waag Society has invested in developing it’s own software, to be able to deliver tailor-made solutions. The first prove of this came with KeyWorx, an extensible application framework that at first was aimed at the performing arts. KeyWorx aimed to enable developers to invent, develop, integrate and deploy applications with multi-user/multimedia features. A common aspect of these applications is that they aim to empower users to be the (joint) creators of multimedia content.

KeyWorx was the base layer under many of our projects, many of those multimedia projects for education, like KidsEye, ScratchWorx (dj/vj tool), but also Amsterdam Realtime and even the mobile game Frequency 1550 and our website of 2006, that lasted until 2012! In 2008 KeyWorx went mobile with the development of 7scenes.

We still create software, with most of the recent work within the CitySDK linked open data platform, mobile apps and back end solutions. Our efforts are now bundled on (Github repository).